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Welcome to our news section where we will always keep you updated on our Chinese Alligators as well as any other news from the CAKES Alligators and Chinese Alligator World. Here you'll be the first to know of any breeding goings-on so make sure you stay tuned!

You may remember back in April we introduced pairs of male & female Chinese Alligators to one another in order to start our 2019 breeding season.. We're really excited today as we think one of our females is looking to make a nest in her enclosure.

Unfortunatey, although we had some breeding last year, we didn't get any eggs. However we're currently 3 weeks into April and CAKES' Chinese Alligator breeding season is in full swing, and we're feeling very hopeful this time round.

Recently we travelled to Crocodiles of the World in Oxfordshire to work in partnerhip with Shaun, the Crurator of the facility. We have become great friends due to our passion of Chinese Alligators and have some amazing plans for the future of our partnership. Channel 5 recently filmed the introduction of ours and COTW's alligators.

All of our Chinese Alligators are now fully out of their brumation period. We had kept them between 10 and 12°c between November and February. We never put our temperatures up, until our Alligators show signs of naturally becoming active.

2018 was an amazing year for our breeding program of Chinese Alligators (Alligator Sinensis) in the sense of we had several of our females being seen breeding in there enclosures. Unfortunately after waiting with great anticipation, and biting of finger nails our Chinese Alligators never went on to lay any eggs.

After several weeks of being in an enclosure together, we removed the male from the female's enclosure to allow another female to breed with him. We have now noticed that the first female alligator we tried to breed has put on weight over the weeks since the potential breeding as well as her lower belly seeming to get bigger.

Today i took a picture of my female chinese alligator, as i can now see she is really starting to fill out mid section. We believe that there is a very good chance she is now full of eggs, it might just be that she is getting fat as shes starting to eat a lot more due to me giving her extra to help with the egg production.

It's finally happened!! It's what we've been waiting for and we are absolutely over the moon. Back at the beginning of May we caught sight of two of our Chinese Alligators mating, and now we have our website we are pleased to share this brilliant news with you all here.