News from us

Welcome to our news section where we will always keep you updated on our Chinese Alligators as well as any other news from the CAKES Alligators and Chinese Alligator World. Here you'll be the first to know of any breeding goings-on so make sure you stay tuned!

Brilliant news from us here at our Chinese Alligator Conservation Facility. We've just witnessed last year's mother, named Sky, lay a grand total of twenty one eggs in her nest. We've uploaded amazing footage of this nesting behaviour for you all to watch and enjoy. We couldn't be happier!

It's currently April 2020, and the breeding season at our facilities is now in full swing. We have been watching our alligators through CCTV cameras in their nests and can confirm that we are witnessing lots of breeding - day and night! We also have two nests so far, and may have more on the way..

An quick update on the recent fire we had at our facilities. We've now began work on stripping back the fire damage and have deep cleaned the soot that was left from the fire. We are still without a mains suppply and we are doing all we can to get our enclosures back up and running.

Today we bring you sad news of a fire that has broken out in part of our conservation facility. As well as the fire damage, this event has also taken out our mains supply of electricity, meaning we have to work quick to maintain heat in our enclosures.

We bring you some breaking news this morning! We have successfully hatched the UK's first ever Chinese Alligator hatchling at our Conservation Facility and we couldn't be any happier. We have lots of photos to share with you of the baby, which we have named 'Irwin' - thats's after Steve Irwin!

BREAKING NEWS from us this evening - we've today discovered that we have a second clutch of eggs in another of our breeding pair's nest. We will keep you updated here on our news page with all the latest on our clutches of eggs.

We're not getting our hopes up, we think a second Chinese Alligator of ours named Sky is looking to lay eggs. This female is one of our own resident Chinese Alligators, who was paired with a male that we borrowed from Shaun, the curator of Crocodiles of the World.

You may have seen our post, back on the 10th of May, where we said one of our females had been showing signs of nesting. Three days later we have found a clutch of 19 eggs in one of our nests.