Another Breeding Pair Making a Nest..?

Submitted by Elaine on

We're not getting our hopes up, we think a second Chinese Alligator of ours named Sky is looking to lay eggs. This female is one of our own resident Chinese Alligators, who was paired with a male that we borrowed from Shaun, the curator of Crocodiles of the World.

Just two days ago, we had 19 eggs layed by Ayla, the female in one of our breeding pairs. We believe CAKES Alligators are the FIRST in the UK ever to successfully get some eggs from a Chinese Alligator.

We've been monitoring our other breeding pair closely, as the female in this pair, named Sky, seems to be showing similar signs of nest making as Ayla did.

Sky has been pacing around her enclosure, as well as doing some scraping which are both signs of her wanting to build her nest.

Currently we have no eggs layed by Sky, but could this be two clutches of Chinese Alligator eggs layed?

Keep an eye out on the news section of our website for regular updates on egg laying and any hatching progress.

You can view more photos of Sky making her nest over in our Gallery.

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