Update on the recent fire at our facilities

Submitted by Elaine on

The picture attached shows one of the enclosures after we have stripped it down and deep cleaned the soot left from the fire.

We are still without a mains electricy supply so in order to get heat and power to our alligators, we have run an extension lead in from a good neighbour of ours.

After a month of constant observation of the 2 alligators that we have been concerned about, they seem to be in very good health and not at all affected by the fire. We have been checking on them in their underground tunnels by looking through a hatch that connects two enclosures together - they are seemingly doing fine which is great news to us!!

Now that all of our resident Chinese Alligators are in brumation, we are now going to work on the enclosures to bring them back up to scratch and bring in some minor improvements to help with the upcoming breeding season.


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