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Posted by Kane, Fri, 05/04/2019 - 14:06
TV crew filming introduction of male and female Chinese Alligators

Recently CAKES Alligators travelled to Crocodiles of the World in Oxfordshire.

We work in partnerhip with Shaun at Crocodiles of the World, and have become great friends due to our passion of Chinese Alligators.

We worked together last year - we took one of his male Chinese Alligators and introduced with one of our females in an attempt to breed them.

This turned out to be a great pairing as the pair got on very well together and there was lots of mating over the time they were together.

After a few weeks, our female Alligator turned slightly aggresive towards Shaun's male and she appeared to lose interest in mating with him.

We took Shaun's male back to him, with the hope that our female had become gravid and that she would produce some eggs that we could incubate.

However, unfortunately, no nests were made or eggs laid by our female Chinese Sinensis after that breeding attempt.

We are now in April 2019, and this year we hope to try again with a more successful outcome.

Shaun has now built a specially designed enclosure, purely for the purpose of introducing and breeding Chinese Alligators.

This time, we have taken two of our females to Shaun's place to put with one of his males, named Frenchy, in his purpose-built enclosure.

The smaller of our females was introduced yesterday to Frenchy.

This introduction was filmed by Channel 5 for a series that they will be airing on TV later in the year.

The introduction seemed to go well, watch for yourself below..

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