Nesting Habits

Nesting is the job of the female alligator, and she'll do this between the beginning of July and the end of August.

Noted is the fact that nesting takes place in a secluded area of the alligator's habitat facing towards the sun and not too far from the water's edge.

One week before she starts building her nest, you'll notice she will squash down undergrowth in her chosen area, preparing the site for nesting.

Nests are built by creating mounds; this is done by tearing natural vegetation out of the ground and collecting it in the mouth. The alligator's limbs may also be used when ripping up vegetation. This collection will happen over the course of a few days, and will be rounded up into a pile. During this collection time, the pile will also be shaped in to the form of her nest.

On average, the female will lay her eggs in the nest approximately 10 days after she starts building it.

Nest heights can range anywhere between 43 and 72cm, and have a diameter of 90cm.