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Posted by Elaine, Sat, 02/03/2019 - 20:32
Chinese Alligator waking up from hibernation

All of our Chinese Alligators are now fully out of their brumation period. We had kept them between 10 and 12°c between November and February.

We never put our temperatures up, until our Alligators show signs of naturally becoming active.

Then slowly we begin to raise the temperatures, but we do not feed our Chinese Alligators until the temperatures are up fully.

All of our Sinensis are now eating, and occasionally communicating with each other, but at this time they are all still housed separately, meaning they can scent and hear each other but are not able to see one another.

Here at CAKES Alligators, we have several cameras in each of our enclosures so as to study their behaviour throughout the year, which is far more exhilarating than watching normal tv for us!

We are collaborating with Shaun Foggett, curator of Crocodiles of the World, and this year we are exchanging our large female "Nova" to put with one of his male Chinese Alligators who we named "Frenchy". We are bringing back one of his other males named "Shaun Jnr" (ha ha). This will be happening over the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye out on our News section.

As soon as our Alligators start regularly calling out to each other, we will begin introducing our males and females together for our 2019 breeding program.

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Posted by Ollie,

Looking forward to seeing the breeding activities Smile

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Posted by Elaine,

Hi Ollie and Jo

Nice to see you are keeping updated on our website. There's been lots of mating going on, so watch this space.

Kane & Elaine

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