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Posted by Kane, Fri, 22/06/2018 - 08:26
Kane Adams with Shaun Fogget of Crocodiles of the World

Great news..

We have got together with a good friend of ours, Shaun Fogget who is the owner of Crocodiles of the World.

We're collaborating in trying to breed the critically endangered Chinese Alligator.

Back at the beginning of May, Shaun was kind enough to loan us a male Chinese Alligator. And as we name our alligators, we decided to name him ( shaun jnr ). when we got home we introduced him into 1 of our female sinensis enclosures and within 2 hours our female came out of her tunnel and joined jnr in the pond, and after a couple of minutes they were happily mating. 

We will keep you posted right here on our website.

You can visit Shaun's website here:


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